The 37th Miss Bikini International China Finals was held on 12th Jan 2013, at the Grand Ballroom in OYC Hotel at ZhaoQing City, Guangdong Province, China.. There are 30 beautiful China girls from all around China taking part in this glamour event.

After a few round of competition, Top 5 Delegates has been selected, they are No. 27 contestant Long KeYong, No.28 Zhao XuXu, No. 30 Wang MongJiao, No. 31 Liu He, No. 40 Li YaDing, Before the announcement of the Top 5 winners, the Miss Bikini International President Mr. Alex Liu made ​​a wonderful speech, he mentioned that the 37th Miss Bikini International world finals will be held in Sanya. Finally the announcement of the top 5 result, The China winner was No. 28 Zhao XuXu, 1st runners-up is No. 30 Wang Mong Jiao and the 2nd runners-up is No. 31 Liu He.

Miss Zhao won and RMB 50,000 worth of sponsored prizes, contracts and ambassadorship will represent China in the 37th Miss Bikini International 2012/3 finals in which will happen in April 2013.

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